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Review Date:May 01, 2018
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Today we will be reviewing a new site to the internet called Babes, this site is a great looking site that offers you a great selection of exclusive videos and photos that feature some of the hottest models to ever hit the net. You will love all of the videos that Babes has to offer and the quality of these videos and photos even more.

Babes is a newer site so it doesn’t have the biggest selection of content but what is there is absolutely amazing. Babes currently holds 260+ videos that feature selection models out of the 120 models that are currently featured on Babes. As stated before all of the content on Babes is 100% exclusive to the members and won’t be seen anywhere else.

All of the videos on Babes can be viewed in a variety of different ways. You can choose to stream the video right from the site using Flash in amazing high definition quality or you can download the videos right to your computer using MP4 format in 3 different quality sizes, Babes also offers an IPOD/PSP download option for those looking to have these amazing videos on the go.

As for the photo sets on Babes you will love that they are also provided to you in a great professional high resolution quality and can be viewed right from the site in two different sizes and can be set to an auto play to allow for a hands free approach, but if you are looking to get these hot photos on to your computer you can also do so by downloading the whole photo set to your computer using ZIP files.

Along with all of the content on Babes currently, you are also going to get consistent daily updates. Babes is updated pretty much every single day with a new video and a photo set to go along with it.

One thing that I really did enjoy about Babes is the fact that the site is actually very attractive looking and extremely easy to use. Everything is laid out great and with many different ways to search for the content you are looking for you are sure to find anything you need within a few clicks.

Babes also has provided you access to their Babes cam section. You can join this site for free and get a close look at some great looking women you are looking to get in on some hardcore action live on their cams.

Over all I think that Babes is a great site that is going to be one of the best out there in time. So whether you join now or later you are going to get a great selection of content at discount rate of only $14.95 a month.

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