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Review Date:August 15, 2019
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I love Porn, A lot of porn and new fresh porn. The world famous, considered by both fans and critics to be one of the very best adult networks to ever exist, prides itself on delivering perfection in every aspect, whether it may be the quality of the content, the fresh new girls or user functionality, it’s very difficult to find any flaws within this porn paradise.

With 20 sites, you’ll enjoy many highly popular titles like Real Teens, Trickery, Rammed, Screw The Cops, Roadside XXX, Pretty and Raw and much more, each site perfectly pleasing our every sexual fantasy, from fucking friend’s moms at their house, banging teachers in class, screwing co-workers at the office and any other hot and kinky scenario you could and probably have already thought about.

These 20 top quality porn sites have over 90,000+ scenes with 20,000+ girls. It wouldn’t even be fair to name a few of the girls, because you can literally find them all here, the very best of the industries amateurs and big name porn stars have graced this awesome network at least once.
When I said perfect quality I really meant it, now when updates scenes, they always come in high definition videos and high resolution pictures. The updates are constant and consistent, members get regular updates of new and exclusive scenes on a daily basis, with several new scenes added to the different sites every single day. And you won’t have to sign up to each site on by one, will give you all 20 exclusive sites for the price of just one. You may be asking is it east to navigate through all this? Yeah, it is, and that’s because of the great search tools, browse scenes by sites, porn star names, recent network updates, members favorites and so much more, trust me when I say you won’t ever be confused as you search.

Now onto video formats, most sites have a few half ass one sprinkled into each scene, but makes sure you have an entire menu of them to choose from. Starting off with streaming, scenes can be streamed in full length with standard, 480p, 720p and 1080p HD. Now the downloading, you can download scenes in the same multi HD full length as talked about with the streaming and you can also download in full length. Content can also be sent to your mobile phone, there are download options for high resolution pictures and more.

Let’s talk about how Discount Porn plays it’s part in this whole thing. The role is a pretty big one, and it’s to make it easy for you, the porn lover, to get you hands on this all, sign up here and get all 20 exclusive sites for only $17.95 a month. Really nothing bad to say here, this network is truly on top of it’s game in every element.

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